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I'm Danny. I take pictures sometimes. I then upload them to here.

This is what I look like.

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Us #love

Anonymous said: Whats with the lipstick?

I’m not sure how to answer this in the same way you might not know how to answer “What’s with the shirt you’re wearing?” if I were to ask you this (assuming you’re both wearing a shirt and that it doesn’t say something like “I Have a Narrow-Minded Understanding of and Unexplored Ideas Regarding Gender” on it because then the answer to my question would be “Because I’m ignorant and am simply describing myself with my shirt in order to save everyone else the disappointment of discovering my ignorance on their own when I ask them dumb ass questions”).

Actually wait… I know the answer! I like the color. That’s what’s with the lipstick.

And suddenly the bearded lady put on makeup! #makeup #mua #lipstick #pink #glamour #glam #beard #genderfuck #light #lightbulb #queer #shadow #lady #dayoff #impulse


I am a shy creature and need to hide behind my sunglasses

I let myself become one with the tide of bodies surrounding me as the Lady performed.

I’m not a fan of all her music but nevertheless have tons of respect for the Lady’s versatility and dynamism as an artist.

I think the Lady and I held eye-contact for a few seconds, wow, what a feeling.

The Lady has some very devoted fans.

Nine Inch Nails in Vienna, Austria was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

I “got lost” one night because I “went the wrong way” and somehow still ended up exactly where I needed to be

The sun sets late in Austria at this time of year

Take me to the opera my dear

Statue Battle

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